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If you want to run your car air conditioner well, then you must come for the service of AC after every 2 years. Car air conditioner is dependent to the lubricant and gas used in the vehicle AC that manages the cooling inside the cabin. It is also known as the car air conditioning regas that is very sensitive in many of latest vehicle models. Car air conditioning Bbethnal Green In fact, the cooling efficiency will fall when the gas pressure decreases. In such situations, A1 Car Care Centre is the best one that helps you to check whether the gas pressure is up to required level or low. We also suggest our clients to take this problem serious because when the gas pressure is low, then it will burn more fuel and engine will be considered as an expensive one.

Our Staff & Expertise:

We believe our expertise and the staff which we have trained very well to cope with all kinds of car repairing issues. Air conditioning system in vehicles needs much care and very experienced staff to manage for better efficiency. Our experts always test the car AC and  then decide which solution will be right to make it better in performance. We offer a number of car air conditioning repairs. Basically, we are much famous for some unique and unbeatable qualities that also make us very famous in East London, Hackney and Bethnal Green for auto repairing services. We charge less than others, provide warranty on repair services and available 24 hours to serve you.

Possible Faults in Car AC:

Before to hire car air conditioning Bethnal Green services, you should look at major faults in car AC. If you find any of these common technical issues in your vehicles, then you can contact us for a right and best solution.

  • Gas leakage
  • Decrease in gas pressure
  • Variation in gas flow
  • Lubricant leakage
  • Faults in air ducts
  • Fall in cooling efficiency
  • Increase in fuel consumption
  • Engine overheating
  • Delay in cooling the interior of vehicles etc.

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